Email Marketing


What do you use email for?

If you’re like most people, your email is a tool. Because your email is a tool, you are less likely to use it for entertainment. Your email is where you keep up with only the most important players in your life – business coworkers, networking opportunities, business opportunities, and newsletters that provide important updates for issues you care deeply enough about to sign up for.

email marketing

Most of us don’t even really use email anymore to keep up with friends and family. We use social media for that, we text, we Facebook, we Tweet. But email – that’s for business.

This is precisely why email is such a vital tool for any small business. When you create an email list, you are essentially creating an asset. Not only that, but your customers and clients are telling you that your business is important enough to them that they want to receive your updates directly into their inbox – a place they reserve for the most important and pressing aspects of their online activity.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

  • Turns Traffic Into Assets

    Generating a lot of traffic to your website and making sales is great, but if you don’t capture the information from your traffic (email) how are you going to market to them later? By capturing the email of the people who visit or buy from you, you are creating an asset of hot leads and active buyers that you can continually market to over time.

  • Nurtures Your Audience, Builds Trust, And Fosters Loyalty

    email marketing Emailing isn’t all about marketing products and services – it’s about building loyalty and trust with your current and prospective clients/customers by sending valuable emails with useful information, tips, tricks, and incentives such as coupons, sales, and email-subscriber only specials and announcements. By continually sending valuable emails, your email list (aka your customers and clients) trust you more and look forward to opening your emails thus creating loyalty.

  • Continued Marketing Opportunities

    email marketing So many businesses out there don’t think in the long term. If someone buys from you or even contacts your business with questions, you don’t want to let them walk out the door without being able to follow up with them later. Email marketing allows you to build a list of people who are interested or who have already taken action on your products or services and market to those people down the road. Did someone add an item from your store to their cart, but didn’t follow through with the purchase? Did someone ask a question, but didn’t follow-up with a scheduled meeting? Did someone buy a particular product and you have another similar item that they may be interested in? Email marketing allows you to market to people based on their actions, which creates increased income for years to come.

Ready To Better Connect And Market To Your Audience?

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