Online Marketing Services



One of the best long-term strategies for ensuring you have a consistent stream of high-quality visitors coming to your website and taking advantage of your services and products is to implement highly-strategised SEO (search engine optimization). Many websites get it wrong, see how Online Marketing Whiz gets it right. Read more about SEO

Customised Solutions

A one-size-fits all, out-of-the-box “solution” isn’t what we provide clients. We are all about providing individualised, highly-customised solutions for each of our unique clients. Every single person that approaches us is different – their needs are different, their target audience is different, and their goals are different. See how Online Marketing Whiz customises our solutions to fit the specific needs of each client. Read more about Customised Solutions

Email Marketing

Most of us don’t even really use email anymore to keep up with friends and family. We use social media for that, we text, we Facebook, we Tweet. But email – that’s for business. This is precisely why email is such a vital tool for any small business. Read more about Email Marketing

Mobile Marketing

More people access the Internet now through mobile devices than they do through laptops or PC. It makes sense considering how people always have their mobile device with them everywhere they go. Think about that for a moment – out of all the places in this world you could advertise your business, the most ideal place would be on the very device your target audience carries with them at all times. Click here to learn how Online Marketing Whiz utilizes mobile marketing for your benefit. Read more about Mobile Marketing


Without strategy, you’re just going in blind. Here at Online Marketing Whiz our team never goes in blind. We always take the time necessary to develop comprehensive strategies before we begin any online marketing campaign for any one of our clients. This includes both short-term and long-term plans. Click here to learn more about our process. Read more about Strategy