Web Copywriting


15 seconds.

That’s about the total amount of time it takes a visitor to your website to decide whether or not they’re going to stay, explore further, and take advantage of what you have to offer. It’s not a pretty design, captivating pictures, and flashy functionality that encourages people to stay. Sure – all that helps with the overall experience, but in the end it’s all about words.

web copywriting

It’s words that convince people to stay. It’s words that convince people to buy. It’s words that create the emotional reaction from your visitors to connect with your brand, your organization, your products, and your services. There’s a reason content is king.


Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriter

  • You’re not a writer

    web copywritingWhen it really comes down to it – you know whether or not you’re an effective writer. The question is, do you want to find that out now or later? Many clients come to us saying the same thing, “I tried to write this myself but… I’m not a writer.” At first, the idea of simply explaining what your business does, what it’s about, and why people should take advantage of your products or services seems simple. After all – who knows your business and your target audience better than you do? Yet, when it actually comes down to articulating those points in an informative, convincing way with conviction and authority, many find themselves at a lack. If you find yourself in that situation – you need a copywriter.

  • You need a powerful, concise message

    web copywritingYou know what’s easy? Droning on and on about the value of your services and products. You know what’s difficult? Summing up the value of your services and products in a single, impactful sentence. When it comes to effective content less is more.

  • Combination of Information and Emotion For “Bland” Subjects

    web copywritingGood copywriting is a marriage of useful information and emotional impact – it must not only tell your audience what you do, it must register on a deep, emotional level for them. Yet, let’s say you are in an industry such as long-distance freight, logistics management, or IT. It’s easy to get people hyped up about clothes, tech gadgets, cars, and other consumer items, but when it comes to the important, but less sexy industries, many find themselves unable to make their services sound exciting and innovative. That’s where we come in.

  • Faster Launch

    web copywritingMany people approach the development of their website in a backwards fashion. They get caught up in how the website will look and perform. They spend countless hours mulling over the specifics of website functionality, user experience, graphics, layout, and more. Then, when all that is finished they’re left with a gaping hole in the process – they have this beautiful site ready to go, but it has no content and no message. It’s as if you have filmed an entire movie with special effects, amazing graphics, and choreographed action sequences, but you forgot to write a single line of dialogue or even come up with the title.