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Your goal with SEO is to optimize your website in a way that – when your target audience types anything into Google relating to your products or services – they see your website first, and not your competition’s.

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Search Engine Optimization
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Target All The Right Customers

Without SEO, your website is just a drop in the sea.

Every time you search for something in Google, there is a complicated process going on to decide which websites are going to turn up in the results. Google wants to find only websites that are the most likely to provide you with what you’re looking for by ensuring that it is trusted by other people.

Google does this by searching the content of each website. When you type in – for example – “Where do I get my oil changed in Brisbane?” – Google looks for the most relevant websites based on that key phrase.

Why you need SEO Services from Online Marketing Whiz

Solid Strategy

You won’t find any guessing with us. Before we launch any SEO campaign, we conduct detailed research to find out what your target audience is searching for and the best way possible to position your site in a way that boosts visitors. Our long-term strategies ensure that your site is always growing.

If You Want Traffic – You Need SEO

When it really comes down to it, SEO is the most proven long-term strategy for consistent traffic to your site. Traffic is everything. Without it, you’re a lot like a business on a busy street corner. You may be located in the right part of town (let’s call it Internet Avenue), but your business is invisible because it’s hidden behind your competitor’s signs.

It’s not just about ranking over your competition or being “number one on Google”, which is how many SEO providers will attempt to advertise their services, It’s about getting your website in front of your target audience at the exact moment they’re most likely to take advantage of what you have to offer.

If you own a dog grooming company in Sydney, you want to show up when someone types “Dog grooming appointment Sydney” because that’s the moment they’re most likely to make an appointment with the first relevant result.

Here at Online Marketing Whiz, we don’t gauge the success of our SEO efforts on how many visitors you get, we gauge our success by how relevant those visitors are. The only numbers we care about are your sales numbers.

SEO Takes Time and Effort

Can you do SEO yourself? Absolutely. The question is, do you have the time? SEO is a leaky bucket. It takes constant tweaking, tracking, updating, and upkeep. Google is always changing and there is always competition seeking to take your spot in the search rankings for coveted, high-traffic search words and phrases. There is nothing passive about SEO – it takes real work, a lot of time, and consistent effort. When you hire our SEO team here at Online Marketing Whiz, we ensure that you are getting the quality traffic you need in order to be successful while staying ahead of your competition. We spend the time and effort while you’re able to manage your business and reap the benefits.

We Share

One of the biggest problems between SEO providers and their clients is a lack of communication. Clients want to know one thing – return on investment. Is the money you’re spending on SEO yielding actionable results? Is the traffic coming to your web page transitioning to your bottom line sales and growth? Here at Online Marketing Whiz, our staff is transparent, open, and personal. We’re not going to give you the runaround. We will provide detailed, comprehensive analytics reporting as often as you need it and will also sit down with you to explain the type of traffic you’re getting, where you were versus where you are in the search rankings, and how these variables are affecting your bottom line.

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