Conversion Rate Optimisation

Every time someone performs a desired action on your website it is considered a conversion.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation

For example, if your goal is to get people to sign up for your newsletter, every person that does will be considered a conversion. If your goal is to sell a particular product, every person that purchases will be considered a conversion. If you improve your conversion percentage, then that is called conversion rate otpimisation.

The higher your conversion rate (the rate and percentage of people performing the desired action) the better.

The team here at Online Marketing Whiz utilizes a number of techniques in order to do this (at no extra cost to you or your current online marketing spend).

Conversion Rate Optimisation Techniques


Sometimes small, even seemingly insignificant changes to the design of your website can dramatically increase your conversion rates. Putting a picture on the left instead of the right. Creating a red color scheme instead of a blue one. Moving one graphic up while moving another graphic down. We will consistently experiment and split test to ensure your website design is bringing in the highest rate of conversions.


Similar to design, the way the content on your page is worded can have an equally large effect on your conversion rates. Sometimes these changes can seem insignificant as well, but make a huge difference such as employing an action word in a headline, reducing text, increasing text, adding bullet points, bolding some text while italicizing other text, and so on. Our team will experiment closely to ensure your page content is getting the highest conversion rates possible.


Problems with user experience and functionality have a significant impact on your conversions. For example, drop-down menus that don’t work, contact forms with too many fields, and broken links. We’ll consistently test and tweak the functionality of your site to ensure everything is working properly and that visitors are able to easily perform the desired action.

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The conversion optimisation whizzes are here to consult with your current online marketing setup and figure out ways to increase your conversion rates, Alex is ready to talk to you on 1300 653 882 or drop us a line.