People who simply visit your website will begin seeing ads for your business all throughout the web, even on highly popular websites like eBay or major media outlets.

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Imagine a business on a busy street corner with thousands of people walking by every day. Now, think about all the people who come through the door, only to walk around for a couple of minutes, and walk back out. What if you had the ability to ensure your business stayed on their minds all day?

Think about it. What if they opened up the newspaper later in the day, and are reminded of your business. When they turn on the big game later that night, you retarget them with an ad for your business. When they go and get a coffee, they see an ad for your business. They grow so accustomed to seeing your business in their everyday lives that they walk back in the next day and purchase something.

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

Yet, with Online Marketing Whiz’s remarketing abilities, we can literally do these things online.

Who We Remarket & Retarget To

People Who Visit Any Page of Your Website

If someone comes across any page of your website, we can show your ads to them across a vast array of website networks, which means that your business will be on the forefront of their mind even if they’re visiting completely different sites.

People Who Take a Particular Action

Did someone fill out a form on your site or click to learn more information about a particular product or service? Perhaps they downloaded a document from your site. Using remarketing techniques we can actually market to people based on their action even though they may be browsing on websites that are completely unrelated to yours.

People Who “Add to Cart” Then Abandon The Purchase

One of the most frustrating things for anyone who has an ecommerce store is when people add items to their cart and do not purchase. With remarketing, we can often advertise that exact item to them even after they’ve left your website, which will remind them to complete their order.

People Who Visited Your Website, But Didn’t Buy

As per the earlier example, this is akin to someone walking in your place of business, walking around, walking out without purchasing anything, and seeing advertisements for your business the rest of the day (and for days after) nearly everywhere they go.

People Who Visited a Particular Service or Product Page on Your Site

Let’s say you own a company that makes and manufactures dog toys and someone visits a particular product page on your site. With our remarketing services you can market only that exact product to that same person, even days after they’ve left your website. Let’s say you are a personal fitness coach and someone visits your “Nutrition” page, you can market that exact service in the same way.

People Who Purchased Something From You

Many businesses have products or services that compliment other products/services. This is often referred to as upselling or cross-selling. With remarketing we can advertise products to people who purchased similar items from you already.

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Online Marketing Expert

Don’t let customers slip through your windows. Just because someone didn’t buy NOW doesn’t mean they won’t buy later. In fact, they are more likely to buy later with continued marketing efforts than they are to immediately take action. Alex is ready to talk to you on 1300 653 882 or drop us a line.