Website Hosting

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your website stays up in the first place – it is where all of your files are hosted.

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Website Hosting

Imagine renting a storage unit and putting your most valuable possessions in it. Now, imagine trying to access that storage unit later just to be told everything has been stolen, or that you put too many things inside and the building collapsed, or that your storage unit burned down because there was no fire protection. You wouldn’t be too happy.

When it comes to the web development process, people put a lot of thought into what their website looks like, how fast it is, and how many people come to it. Yet, those same people will often go with any old web hosting service that comes along or that seems the cheapest.

Without a reliable hosting source you could be hacked, your website could crash due to too much traffic (or for no apparent reason at all), or the servers of the hosting company itself could go down due to a disaster and everything you’ve worked so hard to build could be erased in moments – forever – if they do not have the necessary disaster backup protocols in place.

It’s vital that you trust your hosting provider.

Why You Should Trust Our Hosting Services


You know what’s awesome? Peace of mind – being secure in the knowledge that all your files and your website itself are taken care of and that if anybody tries to hack you, you’ll be okay. With Online Marketing Whiz, we give you that peace of mind. With our state-of-the-art security protocols in place, you can rest assured knowing we’re keeping the bad guys out of your business.

Flexible Plans That Grow With You

You may not have a huge, international e-commerce store with hundreds of thousands of visitors every day buying items right now, but you could in the future, especially if that’s your goal. With Online Marketing Whiz, our hosting plans and prices can grow with your website and your aspirations. Unlike many other websites that start out small with a budget-room hosting account only to find they need to transfer everything over to a newer, better hosting service that has the capacity to handle their growing operations, we will be able to simple continually upgrade your account without the hassle of having to switch hosts once your site (hopefully) becomes more successful.

24/7 Monitoring

We’re watching so you don’t have to. We utilize various reporting tools and services to ensure constant monitoring of your hosting account. These services will alert our team in real time of any problems affecting your network or websites. As soon as we receive an alert, we jump directly on it. We don’t wait until the next morning or even the next minute.

Domain Management

If you want us to, we will manage your domain names and DNS records and will provide you with domain hosting and DNS changes and/or support.

Email Services

Having an email that ends in screams professionalism. We will provide you with business email hosting with fantastic uptime, spam protection, virus protection, large mailbox space, and plenty of other webmail-related options.

99.9% Up Time

When people type your website address into their browser, you expect your website to load quickly every time without delay. Here at Online Marketing Whiz, we guarantee a 99.9% up time.

We’re Here For You

One of the biggest problems with web hosting companies is their lack of customer support and their complete lack of availability. We think that’s crazy. If you’re paying us for superior service and protection, you deserve to have your questions and concerns answered quickly. You deserve to speak with an actual person who cares about whatever issues you’re facing. With Online Marketing Whiz, we’ll always have one of our whizzes here to talk with you.

Interested in Superior Website Hosting?

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If you’re wondering whether or not Online Marketing Whiz is right for your hosting needs, go ahead and contact our team here. We’ll explain our packages, pricing, and benefits and see if they align with your needs and goals. Alex is ready to talk to you on 1300 653 882 or drop us a line.