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You could have it all – a beautiful layout, compelling content, and flawless functionality, but if your site is filled with cheesy, generic stock photography or blurry amateur snap shots, it’s going to muck up the entire thing. Good photography is that important.

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For retail websites such as ecommerce services that sell physical products or brick-and-mortar businesses that want to show off the interior of their business and real customers enjoying themselves, professional photography is especially vital. Your products, for example, need to look especially good online as people will want to zoom in to see detail. If you want people to get a real feel for the environment inside your brick-and-mortar business, clear, crisp, professional pictures are just as vital.

Then there are websites for Real Estate firms, Law firms, and more that contain instances of many individual staff biographies. Although some on your staff may have nice-looking head shots, many will only have snap shots of themselves. This can cause an unbalanced look to your site. Why not get everyone a professional headshot and create a uniform look across all staff biographies?

Who Needs Website Photography?

Ecommerce Sites

If you sell physical products through an online store, our photography professionals can take striking digital photos of all your products to ensure they look just as good online as they do in your show room.

Property Sites

Whether you’re a real-estate agent with multiple listings or an apartment complex, utilizing professional website photography services can help ensure visitors get the clearest understanding of what you’re offering while seeing it in the best light possible. Taking drab snap shots of the exterior and interior of properties does not adequately bring out their features or accentuate the value of those properties online. In this case, the property listings that look the best online will most likely get more attention. If your competitor is uploading professional looking pictures, and you aren’t, you are at a disadvantage.

Retail Businesses

For brick-and-mortar retail businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores, furniture stores, antique shops, and so on, it’s vital that people who are visiting your site get the most accurate interpretation of your business as they can. It’s not enough to simply tell visitors how great your ambiance is or how many quality products you have – people must see to believe. And, in today’s world, people want to see BEFORE they go. Professional website photography can help portray your business in the best light possible.

Staff Directories

If you have a large staff – such as is the case with many law firms, medical practices, and real estate agencies – you will also have a lot of bios. We often see sites like this with a bunch of miss-matched profile pictures for staff biographies. Either a photograph is missing or there is an unbalanced look with some pictures being outdoors and casual or of poor quality while others are professional head-shots, and so on.

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