As the world around is revolutionizing, the traditional advertisement methods are losing their appeal. In such scenarios, the best way for businesses to connect with influential people and their consumers is through social media.

There is a great risk of you falling behind your competition if you have still not done something about your presence on social networking sites. You wouldn’t want your competitor to steal away your potential clients, would you? But if you are someone who is still not convinced with the usage of social media to grow sales, you should continue to read further.


1. It makes your customers “come to you”


It is now quite an ordinary occurrence that if someone wants to have information regarding a company, they usually strike upon their keyboards and try to find their presence online. Having your presence on the social media helps people to approach you easily – your customers actually come looking for you! Let’s make it easy to comprehend with an example. Imagine you own a food delivery business and you are a part of a group on Facebook where you post a food item on sale, say fried rice and prawns. Now there are other people on that group who saw your post but did not require your services at that time. But now they are organizing a lunch at their office and require scrumptious seafood for their colleagues. They will now search for you on the group, read the reviews in the comments from your previous orders. If they are satisfied enough they will place an order as well. Voila, you get a new customer!



2.     Social media helps you develop leads


Social media assists you in building leads. The best part about getting people interested in what you are doing is that they eventually turn into your loyal customers. Potential leads that transform into customers indicate growth in sales. Did you know that when compared to other social media websites, Pinterest transforms their visitors into leads more quickly? The main reason is that there are tons of pictures posted on the website. You have an evidence of what the desirable item appears like. Just a couple of clicks and you are on an e-commerce page buying the product. Social media websites generally do have a short sales cycle. So if you are an entrepreneur, this has to be the best thing that has happened to you.

Watch this interesting video about how to develop potential leads.



3.     Exceptional customer service leads to brand loyalty


Customer service is an integral part in retaining your old clients. Once the items are bought or services acquired, the next thing that people really are interested in knowing is after care services or getting answers to support related queries. Most of the customers look for service providers on social media to get assistance. Any unanswered inquiry might leave a bad impression on you. This also creates a real time communication channel in which you get to interact with your customers. In such a situation where your clients know that you are making yourself accountable on a public forum, the customers you develop are happy with your products. Happy customers transform into unpaid campaigners who project a positive image of your brand to the outside world. Brands that are on social media forum definitely have a loyal customer base. This will have a positive impact on the growth of your sales.



4.     You can regulate your reputation


One of the key benefits of online marketing is that you can manage your reputation on the go. You can deal with complaints much more effectively. This is how it is done:

  • You receive feedbacks or complaints on your social media page
  • You respond to those negative sentiments
  • You take appropriate measures to resolve them to the customer’s satisfaction

This way the customer will be prevented from smearing your reputation publicly. Instead, they will tell others that you provide great customer care.

Once you are able to regulate your reputation on social media, you can use antagonistic reviews to strengthen your customer care services.


5.     Decrement in marketing costs


You cannot possibly argue with the fact that if you are managing and developing content for your social media profiles, the marketing costs are practically zero. Running campaigns and organizing flash sales on social media is much easier and cheaper. And even if you are hiring a digital marketing agency or paying Twitter or Facebook for advertisements, these investments are sure to yield a positive return. There is nobody else who knows your product better than yourself.  You can market your product for increasing sales a lot better than those agencies you are paying to do the job. However, if you lack the skills and the wit to take over the digital media society, it is better to hire an agency. There is no escape from the adverse effects of publishing poor quality content.


6.     Drive more traffic to your website


Another great reason to be active on social media is that you can direct a lot of traffic to your website.  Identify your target audience, post interesting content and keep them hooked in anticipation for the next blog post, video, status update or meme. All of these activities  will play an integral role in enhancing your sales. Assume you run an online boutique and you are being constantly talked about on the social media. Your publicity tactics are increasing your page reach and your content is being reviewed, seen and shared by a plethora of clients. The traffic on your website increases. In short: You are popular. This will eventually make Google hold your website in high esteem. The rank of your website will move higher up in organic SEO.  Better ranking is one of the objectives of online marketing as it reflects upon your sales positively.


7. Increment in the Inbound Traffic


Without making use of social media the inbound traffic is restricted to only those people who are:

  • Already familiar with your brand; and
  • Searching for the keywords you are aiming to increase your rank for

But with a social media profile, you:

  • Divert the people to your website
  • The web visitors from the social media sites will increase the inbound traffic
  • More traffic is equivalent to more leads
  • A higher number of leads mean greater conversions and more sales

8.Makes your customers trust you


A great advantage of using social media to boost sales is that it makes your customers trust you and rely upon your services more. There are so many brands available that it confuses your potential clients while choosing one of them. An online presence authenticates your business, especially if your customers are interacting with you for the first time. When they notice that you are actively present on the social media forum, they will:

  • Deem you to be reliable
  • Know that you will be approachable just in case anything needs immediate attention

If you are able to maintain this trustworthy relationship, you will see that an increase in reach on the social media will grow your sales.



9.     Adjust your marketing strategies


One of the reasons why social media is beneficial in the growth of sales is that you get to see your customer base up close.

  • You can interact with your customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc, in a better way
  • Read their statuses and tweets about you
  • The customer insights will help you analyse your product
  • The feedback obtained can help you adjust your own marketing strategies

The customer insights are really valuable in shaping your decisions. It makes you evolve your product and services into exactly what the customer really wants. You can easily judge the sentiments of your customers and achieve excellence by adapting to them.

Click this link to listen to the humorous dynamic Crystal Washington, owner of CWM Enterprises talk about how the Y Generation to the Baby boomers can make use of social media for their benefits.



10.     Create web content with your customers in mind


When you are on the social media, you begin to understand your clients in a better way. This is particularly helpful because:

  • You create content that has utility
  • It is more pertinent and connects with your client at a personal level
  • Your original content depicts your expertise

For example, if you provide interior decoration services, posting a blog on your social media page about “Top five hacks to make your kitchen counters more spacious” will not just portray your expertise on the matter but will also make people understand that you are really passionate about your work. Once this is established, the prospects will end up hiring you. They might even make recommendations and your reputation will continue to rise.

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