When it comes to digital marketing, there is an endless array of content available online.

In the digital revolution, it is the shining light that holds the key for businesses attempting to tap into their target audience.

Every major brand wants to excel at digital marketing, because it is closely tied with the success of their business model. However, there have been some very alarming concerns stemming from myths surrounding digital marketing.

Like everything that is introduced for the first time and becomes wildly successful, there will be people who question the authenticity of that ‘new thing’.

There are going to be myths surrounding digital marketing for decades, but that doesn’t mean that you must believe them.

If you are affiliated with digital marketing in any way, you must have come across countless myths on social media marketing or search engine optimization.

This is because everyone wants to have an opinion about things they know very little about.

People try to be heard, but in the efforts, end up creating and spreading myths that don’t hold a grain of truth.

This is the case with myths surrounding digital marketing also. Most people don’t have a clue about digital marketing but choose to talk about it.

Unfortunately, these myths haven’t been properly debunked, which can be problematic, because someone trying to learn about digital marketing will be fed false information.

Believing these myths about will affect any online campaign, and its effectiveness, which is why we are going to do you a favor and highlight the myths you shouldn’t believe at any cost.
We hope that by destroying these myths, we will provide any small business looking to succeed, the chance to flourish with accurate information.

The Global Digital Marketing Revolution

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the dynamics of marketing completely for everyone in the industry, and it has made it easier for businesses to transcend borders, and tap into foreign markets that were previously untouchable for them.

This has allowed numerous businesses to succeed where they wouldn’t have a decade ago.

But along with the good reputation that digital marketing has gained, there are some worrying myths and misconceptions springing up about it.

These myths and misconceptions are not going to do anyone any good, because they are spread like wildfire by people who have no clear knowledge about digital marketing and its potential.

Adopting or learning from these myths can do serious harm to any business, and that is why it is necessary to debunk them completely.

Now there are obviously hundreds of myths about digital marketing, but we are going to be focusing on the 10 most damaging myths that you need to stop believing.

Myth#1 – It won’t help create any online buzz


This is the most common myth flying about digital marketing, mostly by businesses that haven’t adopted digital marketing.

The picture they paint is that digital marketing isn’t the way to do marketing, since they prefer doing things the old-fashioned way.

These businesses think that their customers don’t want to read blog posts about their products or services, and therefore digital marketing is going to be a waste.

However, they aren’t accounting for the fact that people are hungry for information and valuable content, and these businesses can use that to their advantage.

Digital marketing doesn’t solely rely on written blog posts, there are podcasts, pictures, and videos that can be made to share information.

Myth#2 – SEO is only a one-time process –


There are many businesses that don’t want to do business online, even though people today prefer purchasing goods and services on the internet.

Most businesses generally set aside a small budget for SEO, and don’t think about replicating or investing in it anymore.

Their reasoning for this is that they think that they only need to worry about the SEO of their website at the beginning.

However, this isn’t the way to go about things, because Google’s algorithms change every year, so your website will also need to be optimized accordingly.

Your website needs regular maintenance, otherwise it will fall down search engine rankings, which is why you need to invest in it regularly.

Myth#3 – All you need is digital marketing


Another myth that needs to be debunked is the one surrounding businesses that think that just adopting digital marketing strategies is going to help them succeed.

While it goes a long way in helping their business online, any successful business knows that they can’t solely rely on one form of marketing.

It is important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and work with your marketing team to come out with newer and better marketing strategies.

It is equally important that you don’t forget about offline marketing after adopting digital marketing, because it is a whole different form of marketing.

When traditional and digital marketing strategies are combined, the result is a marketing strategy that is on another level.

Myth#4 – Updating content regularly isn’t necessary


Most digital marketers think that they don’t need to worry about uploading fresh content on their website.

It is one of the most damaging myths that you can believe in, and must be corrected.

There is no way that your digital marketing efforts will ever be successful if your website doesn’t have fresh and interesting content posted on it regularly.

The importance of compelling content on a website is paramount, because it is the sole reason for driving traffic and leads to conversions.

All business owners must ensure that they have a regular stream of content posted on their website, because it will affect their SEO ranking and will attract customers.

Having fresh content on your website will also build your brand credibility.

Myth#5 – Don’t use digital marketing strategies that are unknown


There are quite a lot of digital marketers that end up believing that they should only stick to digital marketing strategies that they know.

They are afraid of taking risks and fail to experiment with their strategies, which results in mediocre results.

If you keep on following the trend, there is no way that you will ever get ahead of your competition in the market.Don’t wait for your competitors to improve, have the courage to take the first step to get ahead yourself.

This means adopting clever marketing ideas that are relevant with your brand and mission statement in the long run.

Myth#6 – Tracking digital marketing results is hard


This myth has been around for a long time, but holds no value right now because of cutting edge IT resources like Google Analytics and other software.

The digital marketing world is always evolving and there are new techniques and tools that are introduced every year.

This has made it easier for businesses to track their digital marketing results, which helps them make better business decisions.

There is no shortage of good tools available online, which can help businesses track digital marketing results easily.

This helps the business acquire detailed information about their strategies, and helps them plan better ones in the future.

Myth#7 – You don’t need to personalise messages


Every business is trying to tap into the potential of digital marketing today, and if you want to take advantage of the market you need to standout.

The best way to do that is by personalizing the messages you send to your customers.

You can do this to target your customers, and attract specific audiences for your business easily. It isn’t difficult to personalize messages, due to the availability of advanced tools and software, which can help you create ads and are relevant to people.

Myth#8 – Negative comments will end your business


Most businesses are afraid of digital marketing because they are scared about negative comments that their business will receive online.

They think that negative feedback or comments will undermine their brand reputation, and will hurt them in the long run.

However, there is no business that hasn’t gotten bad reviews or negative feedback from their clients.

The secret to success lies in how a business deals with negative comments and handles disgruntled customers.

You should make it a point to entertain the concerns of disgruntled clients and address their problems, so that your business grows.

Myth#9 – You can only measure success from web traffic


This isn’t true because your marketing success will not be limited to the traffic that is coming to your website.

You can measure your success from the quality of the leads you’re managing to convert into sales, instead of worrying about the number of people who click on your website.

After all the only way, you will be successful is by making sales. And the number of people who browse on your website is not a true reflection of the popularity or success of your website.

Myth#10 – Closing sales is easy


This myth isn’t completely true, because closing sales is considered as one of the most difficult things to do in any business.

If you really want to achieve success through digital marketing and grow your business, you should ensure that there is communication and engagement with the customer, after you close the sale.

That is the only way you are going to make a customer for life, because if they feel appreciated and respected they will work with you again.

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