What is the most crucial part of the sales process? You do not need to rack your brains to answer the question, for it is simple enough:

  • Establishing relations
  • Networking
  • Estimating your prospects

There is no better way to accomplish these rapidly than social media. This is probably because the usage of social media has expanded significantly over the course of years. Social media gives the sales people an insight to establish analytical reviews about the perception of competitive brands and your own brand in the minds of the customers.

The social media usage is continuing to expand by leaps and bounds. There are now no limitations regarding ethnicity, age or gender. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Centre, there has been a tenfold increment from the previous decades in the number of adults who use social networking websites. Since the number of people using social media is increasing with time, in this regard, marketing for your business online will:

  • Help you in gathering potential customers for your products
  • Expand the existing clientele
  • Assist you in getting the feedback easily
  • Drive your sales

So if you are running a business, you must take social media more than just networking sites. It can drive your sales to a great extent. Here are some of the ways that you must take into account to grow your sales:


Choose Your Platform


Before you choose a platform for your advertisement to boost sales, you must be aware of the dynamics of each social media site. Be aware of the typical formats, styles and standard etiquette. Know how people connect and respond to each other on these forums. Determining the best way to interconnect with your prospective customers is of importance when you need to drive your sales. Here are some of the social networking forums through which you can connect with your clients:

  • Facebook is one arena where you can promote your products for consumer sales. However, keep in mind that because of the changes in the algorithm of this social networking site, you need to allocate a budget to obtain greater visibility.
  • Emerging brands should consider other forums like Pinterest and Instagram alongside Facebook to boost their marketing strategies.
  • If you want to interact with corporate giants, LinkedIn should be your go-to forum.
  • Twitter, too, is a remarkable area to propel sales of all sorts.
  • Do not limit yourself to these networking sites. Instead, you must also create your own webpage and blogs.


Build a Positive Image


Next you will have to make a personal account and start communicating. Then you have to work upon a positive persona. This means if you operate your business through a social media site, you will have to have a trustworthy and amicable image in the eyes of the online community. You see, people will not really be interested in your product no matter how good it is if you are arrogant and imbecile.  If you comment on various posts asking people to visit your page or see your profile, chances are that the people will only think that you are spamming for seeking attention. This is neither good for your image nor your sales.

Post Actively


In the world of online marketing, there isn’t a phrase like “posting a lot of content”. There are people who think that posting frequently will make your clients unfollow you. But in the beginning, when you do not really have a strong reach, this is the only way you will gain attention. Besides people who block you or quit following you on social network aren’t exactly the ones who will make a purchase from you. So there is no need to get scared that your sales will decline just because a few people chose to quit following you.


Nature of Content


You must use all sorts of posts to attract clientele. This means:

  • Sharing your YouTube or Vimeo Videos
  • Content of other reliable sources
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Quotes and Articles
  • Status Updates
  • Blogposts

When people share your content, you will acquire more followers. The more followers you have, the better chances of increasing your sales exist. You can even try the reverse psychology here, that is, share the content of your competitor and give them due credit. This way you will also help gain some of the clients of your competition.

Just keep in mind that you should post more images. People are automatically drawn to l graphics. If you have attractive posts, it would ignite the inquisitive nature of the people and they will be compelled to click on your posts. Creativity will play a major role here. Use it to attract prospects that will help in growing your sales.


Information versus Promotional Content


In the beginning, you do not have followers. So even if you start posting promotional content, you won’t really boost the sales because you have not yet developed potential customers. So at this stage, it is important that you create informational content rather than promotional posts. You need to attract an audience first in order to gain clients who will be willing to buy your product. Once this target is achieved, you can get down to boosting your sales by publishing content that will be promotional in nature.


Create Hype through Flash Sales


Flash sales are remarkable when it comes to create urgency in the prospects. You will have to carefully plan the flash sales but you will definitely generate a lot of traffic. This is how you can go about it:

  • Select a product or a product range.
  • Choose a specific time frame.
  • Make use of the statistics on the social media pages, post details when your page receives the highest activity.
  • Post images (uniquely branded).
  • Give yourself a couple of weeks to create the hype and keep people hooked.

Organizing flash sales on your social media pages ensures that your clients will keep on checking your posts on their feed.

Watch this YouTube video to find out more about boosting your sales through social networks.



Use Hash Tags


You cannot possible deny the incredible ability of hashtags to sell and market your product. So if you are organizing a sale during a festival season, incorporate generic hashtags which your competition might also be using like #Christmassale. There is no harm in doing that as long as you insert your own distinctive hashtag that separates and identifies your unique identity. You can even make use of hashtags repetitively.


Make Use of Social Media Ads


If you find it affordable, then do make use of ads. These online advertisements do not just boost the traffic to your website; they also assist in increasing your sales. Splurging on ads is not wastage of money. Despite the fact that you are paying for them, you will see a positive impact of these on your sales.

Social Media Buttons


How can you extend the reach of your website on social media? That’s right, by incorporating social media buttons on your website. Once you have extended your reach, you will definitely increase your sales.  The follow buttons will help create more visibility on social media platforms. The visitors will subscribe and follow your profiles on social media.

  • The social media like and share buttons assist in letting the website viewers to share the content on your webpage with their connections.
  • Create like and share buttons on every single blog post or every individual content.
  • Place these buttons on the webpage where they are easily visible.
  • Some social networking websites, like Twitter also allow you to customize the buttons according to your own creativity and style. Visit for more details.







Invest time researching engaging topics pertinent to your area of expertise. Gather curious facts and fine details. Then display them in creative infographics on your social media profiles. For example, if you run an online marketing business, you may create an infographics on, “How much do Australians spend on online shopping in Australia?” Now numerous other people might want to create a similar infographics and who knows they might just link your infographics, guiding a lot of new traffic to your social media page or blog!

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