There has been alot of talk about what to focus on in the online world to create sales and clients for your business in 2015. There’s been many changes throughout all types of marketing in the last year alone and even more so in the online marketing space, but I think the fundamentals still stay the same. I will group the online marketing services into categories and how they would benefit your business in 2015.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has been around since the mid 1990’s, so a long time now.  And the outcome is still the same, get higher rankings on search engines.  It used to be a short term win but with the algorithim changes in the search engines it has become a much more long term strategy for businesses, as it becomes harder and harder to acheive the same goals.

SEM Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the bread and butter of online marketing at the moment.  With enhanced features within Google and Bing it has become much easier to target your exact audience and get a quick win (sale) straight away, without much effort.  The only downside, you don’t own this real estate as you have to pay for it.  With SEO, you are building an asset (your website).

SMM Social Media Marketing

This is a fairly new concept as social media hasn’t been around too long.   What we want to do here is to build an audience you can market your products and services to for free.  Sounds good right!  This can have outstanding benefits for a company if done correctly.  Imagine if you’re a company that sells funny shirts.  You start posting up pictures on funny shirts on facebook.  These shirts start the get shared around.  Your brand is now getting noticed.  People are starting to like your page.  These people are now seeing your marketing posts.  Get the picture.  It’s obviously alot more complicated than this, but I’m sure you get the idea.


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